• Mary Helen Robert, LAc

Response to COVID-19, a letter to my patients

Updated: May 18, 2020

*UPDATE* The clinic will re-open with limited hours beginning Monday, May 11th. Current patients please check your email for more information. You can also read the new COVID-19 policies/guidelines here.

To my valued patients -

I mentioned that our office procedures could change regarding the COVID-19 situation, and it appears they have quite rapidly. I know all of you are feeling this in multiple ways. Although it was a very difficult decision, I will not be seeing patients until at least April 13th. I will be cancelling all scheduled appointments through April 12th and will continue to be in touch about re-opening. Those scheduled for April 13th and after will remain unless you hear otherwise from me. As a health practitioner my first commitment is to "Do no harm," which includes following government and public health guidelines to practice social distancing, and refrain from non-essential communal activities. And, while Chinese Medicine can offer essential physical and emotional support, your health is of utmost importance to me, and I feel I must do my part in helping to slow down the spread of this virus. We are truly ALL in this together, and for me it feels most socially responsible to join the millions who have already bravely made this decision. And while there has been no mandate for closure I was advised by the Tennessee Acupuncture Council to close for a few weeks. My ultimate hope is that by doing this I can get back to helping you sooner.

In this time of uncertainty we must rely on each other for support. I have seen so much love and camaraderie in my community already, and that is a positive I will take with me throughout this experience. I trust all of you are seeing this as well. I'm always going to encourage you to pay attention to the positive and potential opportunities, but I also invite you to notice any tension that shows up for you right now. You are likely experiencing quite a bit of tension and unease. The uncertainty of this situation breeds all kinds of feelings and stressors, but it is also ripe with learning experiences and is the optimal time for growth. While I am doing my best to focus on the learning that will inevitably happen during such trying times, I am also doing my best to listen to what my body is telling me it wants. It wants me to slow down. To work in my garden. To love on my beloved dog, Mena. To cook nourishing meals with Chris. To go on long walks and move my body. To have long conversations with my loved ones and share our deep connection to each other. To help my community and spread love in any way I can right now. To know that whatever financial woes I am facing as a small business owner, that most of America is facing something similar and many far more devastating than mine.

I want to share some resources that can be helpful during this time - see links below. If during this down time I can be of assistance to you from afar I do hope you will reach out to me. I'm glad to continue to share any resources/knowledge I can with you so please do not hesitate to reach out. I also welcome any feedback and new ideas for ways that I can be of assistance to you as we navigate this emergency together. There will be a time when I can safely return to direct service acupuncture and patient care and I look forward to that. I know you will need healing and support more than ever before and I will be ready to assist you.

In the meantime stay safe, breathe, move your body, call on those you hold dear and know that I appreciate your understanding and continued support. I will miss your faces and look forward to seeing you soon and healing together.


Mary Helen Robert, LAc